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Orator's Stool
Orator's Stool,
Korogo Village, Middle Sepik,
wood, boar tusks, shells, clay, grasses & pigments, 75"
The Collection, the Collector and Myself
Tookalook Native Arts is honored to present this exhibition of art from Papua New Guinea’s Sepik River Valley. Varying in age from early to mid 20th century, the exhibit is comprised of selected works from a single collection amassed by Mr. Bruce D. Lawes, in Papua New Guinea, between 1955 and 1969. more......

The Collection
Ancestral Spirit Masks
Yam Masks
Gable Masks
Flute Stoppers
Orator Stools
Shell Jewelry
Utilitarian Items

Papuan Cultures Drum
They reverberate to the ancient essential beat of the hollowed log, as have their ancestors for more than twenty-five thousand years. more......

Map of the Sepik River

The Museum’s Perspective
Plattsburgh State Art Museum is proud to present this collection of Oceanic Art. more......




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Website: Marc Assayag, Stephen Lazarus, Mary Lou Beauharnois and David Driver
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