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Acknowledgments To Mr. Edward Brohel, your confidence, your interest and generosity have been only too evident in this entire process. I cannot express my gratitude enough for allowing me this moment of expression.

None of the enclosed works would be before us if Mrs. Johanna Nicholson had not first selected to live with them for some 30 years. If there is such a thing as karmic debt, then I am so indebted to Johanna, who, through her kindness and willingness, allowed me to acquire these works.

Paul Rossi is another reason I write these words today. Paul thought I might be able to bring something to the public eye and ‘betrayed’ my comfort by suggesting this to Mr. Brohel’s sympathetic ear. Paul is that valuable type of person that pushes one out of his nut only to make him grow. To his wife Fabienne, my thanks for patience and telephone delivery above and beyond…, and to Paul, my friend, revenge will be mine.

James Turner’s involvement with this exhibition was crucial. Yet again when timing was key and dependability paramount, James came through with flying colors. Mary Lou Beauharnois and the staff of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum are of the highest caliber. Though demanding attention to hundreds of details, they made this exhibition seamless. For their creativity and patience, I extend to them my thanks.

My wife Tina sleeps alone as I write these final words. Her patience, love, understanding and,most of all, her smile are all keys to keeping my own drums beating

For my son Jeremy...



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