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The two types of drums in Papua New Guinea are the Kundu and Garamut Drums.

The kundu is the smaller version. Hourglass shaped and usually measuring up to two feet, kunduís are personal items that are kept in each manís home. Larger and more elaborately decorated ceremonial kundus are kept in the menís house. In ceremonies, these drums are used to provide the rhythm of the dance.

The Kunduís larger brother is the Garamut drum. Measuring up to ten feet in length, Garamut drums are jungle communication systems. Capable of being heard miles away, isolated villages intercommunicate using these impressive drums.

Thumbnail Image, click for full size
Fig. 59:
Ceremonial Kundu,
Middle Sepik,
Wood, monitor lizard skin,
(cane missing from rim), 34Ē
Thumbnail Image, click for full size
Fig. 60:
Garamut Drum,
Lower Sepik,
Wood, 28Ē

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