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Mindja Figure, Warasei Village, Washkuk,
wood, 82” Plattsburgh State Art Museum is proud to present this collection of Oceanic Art. Along with recent exhibitions, particularly a show on African Art, the Museum is maturing into a professional presenter of noteworthy material culture. Our mission is to present such material to our students and regional public. Due to the lack of a broad survey of visual material within our immediate geographical location, it is necessary for the Museum to provide a “reality shock” to the academic slides and book illustrations that are the basis of our appreciative and historic instruction.

Of special appreciation in this show is the fact hat it comes from our northern neighbor, Montreal, and is owned and presented by Marc Assayag, proprietor of Tookalook Inc.

“Art is not a neighborhood commonality- it reaches out to our origins and our destiny”

Mr. Assayag is generous with his knowledge, professionalism, and the use of his material not for commercial gain but for cultural instructional reasons. This is the tradition of great North American art dealers such as Julius Carlbach, J.J. Klejman, Lucien Goldschmidt and Pearls and Rosenberg, among many. As immigrants to America from the tragedies of Europe in the late 30’s, they built a culture as well as an enterprise. Marc Assayag is indeed in this tradition.

The collection itself is a measure of the breadth of our common humanity. It asks questions and gives answers, and more than anything it clearly establishes the breath and the sweep of the arts and the way they blend into our disciplines. Art is not a neighborhood commonality- it reaches out to our origins and our destiny.

Edward Brohel, Director Plattsburgh State Art Museum


Mindja Figure,
Warasei Village, Washkuk,
wood, 82”
Mindja Figure, Warasei Village, Washkuk,
wood, 82”


Photography: Marc Assayag
Website: Marc Assayag, Stephen Lazarus, Mary Lou Beauharnois and David Driver
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