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Senior Exhibition Student Co-Directors

    The Senior Art Exhibition is the milestone of the studentís artistic endeavors at Plattsburgh State. This presentation of their work highlights the evolution of their oeuvre, and is an excellent model for the collaboration of faculty, staff, and students. The dedication and enthusiasm of each individual involved has been crucial to the success of this exhibition. As Co-Directors of the Senior Art Exhibition, we would like to recognize the students, faculty, and staff who have afforded us opportunity to share this experience. This exhibition was an integral part of the development from academic life to professional future. Itís the bridge that will bring students to the next phase in life, and is the pinnacle of their artistic maturation at Plattsburgh State.

Chair, Art Department

    The Senior Exhibition is the capstone experience for students in our studio program. Acceptance into the exhibition requires each participant to have developed a cohesive body of work accepted by the faculty of the Art Department. The exhibition is the culmination of extensive research and commitment to each studentís area of studio concentration.
    The entire campus community celebrates this annual event. The Art Department is proud of every student who has participated in this dynamic enterprise that we, in turn, share with every visitor who encounters this beautiful exhibition.


The Art Department awards two art studio degrees: B.F.A. and B.A. The B.F.A. is an intensive professional degree that prepares students for art careers or graduate study in either Fine Arts or Graphic Design. The B.A. degree permits students to combine in-depth study in studio art with broader liberal studies, a second major, or a minor. Every art major elects at least one studio area of concentration with a focus on building a mature level of creative expression.

Art Department Faculty and Staff

Karen Blough, Art History
Dennis Costanzo, Art History
Ali Della Bitta, Ceramics
Diane Fine, Printmaking
Andrew Goerlitz, Sculpture
Kim Hall-Stone, Secretary
Sue Lezon, Photography
Beryl Matthews, Ceramics
Richard Mikkelson, Drawing and Painting
W. David Powell, Design
Peter Russom, Drawing and Painting
Norman Taber, Design

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The Senior Art Exhibition Class of 2008 would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their assistance in the planning, execution and support of this exhibition and catalogue.

George and Nina Winkel Endowment
Friends of Art
Plattsburgh Student Association
Office of the President and Vice-Presidents
College Auxiliary Services
State of New York
Rachel Bark, SA Vice-President for the Arts
Phil Gramling, Queen City Printers
The Faculty and Staff of the Art Department
The Staff of the Art Museum

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Tricia Amore Jeremy Bauerle John Bildstein Stephanie Chong Dana Cowley Rebekah Facteau John Haynes Ashley Jones Katharine Kaufmann Rachel Mastrodonato Jay Price Jennifer Robert Johanna Stavrakaki Sumie Takamitsu Jennifer Van Daley Nicole Weber Kim Wheelock Steven Willey II Keri Zielinski

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Director, Plattsburgh State Art Museum

    While exploring the possibilities of their own sensitivity and opening various aspects of their persona, the seniors in this exhibition demonstrate the variety of mediums and styles which are taught at Plattsburgh State. With instruction from the Faculty, Director, and Museum Staff, they learn to present their work properly and most effectively. They produce their own invitation and catalogue, are part of the conceptualization, presentation, and installation of the exhibit in the gallery, and speak about their work at the opening of the show while hosting a reception for their guests. The exhibition displays the foundation of psychological and emotional growth, and maturation of individuals. Hopefully, the studentsí educational experience becomes a physical and spiritual context in which they can learn to lead creative and rewarding lives on a healthy planet.
    Each year, the Senior Exhibition is an important punctuation in our studentsí careers. It usually focuses and concentrates their efforts into a clear and generous body of work, the aspirations of which have been developing over the years. The Plattsburgh State Art Museum takes great pride in being an integral part of our studentsí creative growth by supporting the accomplishments achieved during their study with the Art Department. It is a unique venture which continues to be a leaning experience for all. Congratulations and continued growth to our students.


Edward R. Brohel
Plattsburgh State Art Museum Director

To Ed Brohel upon your retirement

The Senior Class of 2008 would like to dedicate this exhibition to you on behalf of the hundreds of students you have inspired over the past 30 years.

Photo: Edward R. Brohel, Plattsburgh State Art Museum Director, 1978-2008

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