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Johanna Stavrakaki

   My art is a reflection of my life. The creative process is an exhilarating experience through perseverance and passion. I strive to construct meaningful images that are colorful and dramatic. As I work in the studio, I relive life’s challenges and victories.
    I aim to be direct and clear in communicating with the viewer. My work reveals my inner self. Each formal decision I make is shaped by my intent to express reality.
    My works are there, all at once, though much has happened in their making: wrestling with paint, shaping ideas, sometimes free-falling, picking up again, but always making it to the finish line.


Waiting for You to Come Home, 2007
compressed charcoal, 28 x 40

Waiting for You to Come Home, 2007, compressed charcoal
Click Thumbnail ImageArrivederci Italia Click Thumbnail ImageWaiting for You to Come Home Click Thumbnail ImageDad Click Thumbnail ImageMom and Charlie Click Thumbnail ImageAnother Life in Montecastello Click Thumbnail ImageRiverview on Winding Way
Click Thumbnail ImageMorning Glow
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