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Stephanie Chong

   I believe that as we learn and grow, our encounters and how we handle them, create who we are as people and also as artists. My growth and learning has affected the way I look at my work. I can see the Creator in the work that I do, and wherever I go. Through my work, I am able to represent God in a tangible way.
    Printmaking enables me to share, and converse, with others, what it is I see. I like the challenge, process, and craftsmanship that the relief process gives me. When carving, I only get one chance to create the mark I want to make, because once cut, the piece is irreversibly gone. The relief technique helps me to emphasize line and light through the use of black and white. Through my work, I try to reveal to others who God is to me.


Woodlot, 2007
relief print on rives, 24 x 18

Woodlot, 2007, relief print on rives
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