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Steven Willey II

   Art is a means to connect to sensory awareness. A memory of dreams linked directly to the moment. Art is a craft, a business, a tool, and a record of history and style. Art is the bellows fire under the caldron of my spirit. Art can hold all the meaning of life and none of it at the same time. I want to express my love of contrast and have the viewer connect to the feelings in the work. I am trying to express signposts in space. Art is one of the things, as humans, we all have in common. I feel people need art to better understand themselves and the world. Art benchmarks history and development. Art has a built up quality that links man to his time, but great art will reach everyone for all time. Art should never be so precious that the viewer loses the message of the workís value; similarly, art should never be so disposable that the message is disregarded along with it. I am just a guy making art who tries to keep the audience in mind. Iím the type of artist that wants to impact everyone, but if I succeed in only satisfying what I set out to do, thatís enough. I yearn for development, choice, and control, as well as the loss of it.


Grasp, 2008
marble, rock crystal, 10 x 5 x 4

Grasp, 2008, marble, rock crystal
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