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Rachel Mastrodonato

   In my work, the subject is obsolete. I work with a vast amount of materials to exclude limitations and to foster change and exploration. If the medium can make a stain, I believe it to be a viable option in my studio. A piece is finished when it is balanced and coherent, exuding my own experience during the creation of the work as well as allowing altered interpretations. My paintings are immediate creations derived from my knowledge, passion, and instinct.


My Darker Side is Best, ND
oil on canvas, 14 x 11

My Darker Side is Best, ND, oil on canvas
Click Thumbnail ImageI would have stared with lazers eight o'clock Day one! Click Thumbnail ImageIf I were creating the world I wouldn’t mess around with butterflies and daffodils Click Thumbnail ImageMy Darker Side is Best Click Thumbnail ImageNo animals were harmed in the making of this painting Click Thumbnail ImageThis is not a Hotel Painting Click Thumbnail ImageAnthony reading Vice
Click Thumbnail ImageI'd rather look gruesome twice than sexy once Click Thumbnail ImageI'm just dripping with ink Click Thumbnail ImageAnthony and I drink too much wine Click Thumbnail ImageThe Obsolete Man/Reversable Painting Click Thumbnail ImageThis is not how we begin... Click Thumbnail ImageExtreme Close Up of Adelin
Click Thumbnail ImageThis is not about War
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