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. . . an outdoor exhibition space at the core of
the campus surrounded by the Angell Center,
Myers, Yokum and Kehoe buildings.


Roger Bisbing
Shaun Cassidy
Peter Dudek
Harry Gordon
Brower Hatcher
Jonathan Kirk
Jon Isherwood
Royden Mills
Don Osborne
John Van Alstine
Karin Waisman

The Plattsburgh Sculpture Park
is an ongoing collection of monumental sculpture installations located on campus. It includes works by William King, Jon Isherwood, Don Osborn, David Stromeyer, Brower Hatcher, Daniel Kanz, Harry Gordon and Roger Mack. Placement of works by John Hock and John Van Alstine is in the planning stages.

The Sculpture Terrace
is a group of sculpture sites at the core of the campus which will present annual or biannual exhibitions of challenging contemporary sculpture curated by Don Osborn and Ed Brohel. The Plattsburgh Art Museum Sculpture Park and Terrace incorporate works of the highest professional caliber by new international artists who create visions of the 21st century. It creates an aesthetic dimension to our environment while symbolizing the college's commitment to change, quality, creativity and uniqueness.



Plattsburgh State University

Plattsburgh Art Museum, SCULPTURE TERRACE


Thumbnail Brower Hatcher
was the second artist to install a monumental sculpture on the Plattsburgh Campus. Adirondack Guide, which was constructed in Lake George under a grant from the New York Council on the Arts, was reconstructed on the Plattsburgh Campus as part of Hatcher's Distinguished Visiting Professorship and the sculpture class of 1989.

While living in Diamond Point, New York, he remained an avid supporter of the arts at Plattsburgh and participated in exhibitions such as the Summer 1995 Sculpture Park: Projects and Proposals.

Now living in Block Island, RI, he still remains an inspiration to the arts and the students on our campus. Our museum is often called upon as a reliable source of information about Hatcher. There are 13 of his works in the College's permanent collection.

His installations include Starman in Ancient Garden, Philadelphia, PA; Layering of Worlds, Los Angeles, CA; and Prophecy of Ancients, Minneapolis, MN. He recently participated in an exhibition at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota, which also included such artists as Mark Di Suvero, John Hock and Arthur Simms.

Plattsburgh State University awarded an honorary degree as Doctor of Fine Arts in 1997.
John Van Alstine, b. 1952, Johnstown, New York, received his M.F.A. from Cornell University in 1976.

Before moving to New Jersey, he lived in Wyoming and Washington, D.C. His education in sculpture led him to Cornell University. Between 1973 and 1988, he was offered several scholarships and prizes; much of his work was acquired by private collectors from Washington to Lisbon.

Van Alstine's hand is evident in his art; his works reveal the intense strength and force necessary to manipulate very restrained materials. There is also a more subtle tension produced by his combination of man-made and natural materials, which exemplifies the elemental opposition of nature and culture in our society...Van Alstine's monumental works are not impenetrable; instead they are evocative and referential...Linda Johnson (The Phillips Collection).

Recent exhibitions include The Hirshorn Collects, Hirshorn Museum; From The Ground Up, Socrates Sculpture Park; Pier Walk' 97, Chicago Navy Pier; and Tools as Art II, Exploring Metaphor-The Hechinger Collection, National Building Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
Thumbnail Jonathan Kirk,
born in England, received his M.F.A. from Syracuse University in 1980.

Kirk has described his own sculpture as a marriage of formal concerns and partial narratives, an assessment shared by former New York art critic Michael Brenson. His work embraces and synthesizes varied references, and his method of assembling found materials that resemble this, then that, aptly functions to harbor these disparate strains.

A graduate of St. Martin's School of Art in London, Jonathan received a strictly formalist education under the sponsorship of Anthony Caro.

He has been in numerous group exhibitions and two one-person exhibitions. He received grants from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and the Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation in 1986 and 1970. One of his works was purchased for International Park in Birmingham, Alabama by BE & K, Inc. Kirk is presently studio manager for Sculpture Space in Utica. Recent exhibitions include Jonathan Kirk-Sculpture, Bannister Gallery, Rhode Island College: Aquamarine Sculpture Park, New York, NY; '97 Roundout Biennial Sculpture Exhibition, Kingston, New York: and Young Artists, Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York, NY.
ThumbnailHarry Gordon, b. 1960,
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, received his M.F.A. in sculpture from Rutgers University in 1987 and presently resides in New Jersey.

Some of the most powerful and evocative art being produced by the rising generation of younger sculptors is that of Harry Gordon. (Andre Emmerich, Andre Emmerich Gallery from Harry H. Gordon Exhibition Catalogue, Madeleine K. Butcher Sculpture Garden, Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania).

Gordon's works include dense wooden sculptures and stones, including marble and granite. His sculptures are large and demanding, but when placed in the environment, add a gentle presence rather than an intrusion.

His recent exhibitions include Harry H. Gordon at the Arboretum, an installation of his works which "raise questions about time and man's place in nature..." Mariella Bisson, Harry H. Gordon Catalogue Exhibition, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair NJ.

Awards and grants include The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship; Best in Show, "Contemporary Sculpture '91-92, Quietude Garden Gallery, Cast Brunswick, New Jersey, and the Herk van Tongeren Memorial Sculpture Fund Award.

His works are installed in the James A. Michner Art Museum, Doylestown, PA and Runnymede Sculpture Farm, San Francisco, CA.
Don Osborn, b. 1942, Oklahoma, is Sculpture Professor at Plattsburgh State. As an artist and faculty member, he has collaborated with Museum Director Ed Brohel to create a seriousness about a Sculpture Park on campus. Together, they have stirred the emotions and enthusiasm of several prominent artists to become a part of this innovative and educational project.

Osborn's Thoughts on Pheidias was the third monumental sculpture to be installed on campus. It was commissioned by the Beautification Committee and funded chiefly by a grant from College Auxiliary Services and the Student Association- thus continues the support from several entities to make our campus an educational art experience for our students.

Osborn's permanent installations include the Richard and Peggy Greenfield Collection; Time Equities-Francis Greenburger Collection; and Del Mar College Gallery, Corpus Christie, Texas. He has exhibited in several including the 16th Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood, and curated and exhibited in the 1994 ART/OMI Invitational Exhibition.
Thumbnail Roger Bisbing, b. 1954, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, received his M.F.A. from Syracuse University in 1988. He is an instructional support technician in the sculpture department at the State University of New York at Albany. In the summers of 1987-1988, he was a foundry assistant for casting and chasing bronze for sculptors William Tucker and Anthony Caro.

Bisbing has received many honors and awards including the 1991 Grand Prize Award, Sculpture 91, Washington, D.C.; Juror's Choice Award, New American Talent, Laguna Florida Museum, Austin Texas; and Urban Mythologies, Hoosatonic, Massachusetts. Selected exhibitions include the Roger Bisbing/Rome Art Center, Rome, New York; Working With Tradition, curated by Donald Kuspit, Buffalo, New York; and Sight Unseen, Pleiades Gallery, New York, New York.
Thumbnail Karin Waisman, b. 1960, Buenos Aires, Argentina, received her M.F.A. from Cornell University in 1993.

In 1988, she left Argentina and went to Amherst, Massachusetts where she worked part-time as an architect and spent the remainder of her time at UMASS' foundry, learning how to weld and cast metals.

Most of Waisman's works reflect upon the ideas of territories-the elements that define those territories and the tension between the idea of totality and fragmentation. The nature of representation and the conceptual side of her work have been addressed by a body of drawings, usually a series that relate to sculpture, installations or proposals for urban spaces.

Exhibitions include Fundacion Banco Patriceos, Buenos Aires; Hartell Gallery, Cornell University; and Socrates Sculpture Park on Long Island, New York. Commissions include Guileen and Gray Architects and Astengo and Associates, Buenos Aires.
Thumbnail Royden Mills, who resides in Alberta, Canada, first became aware of the Sculpture Park, specifically the Sculpture Terrace Project when he worked with Plattsburgh State sculptor Don Osborn at Triangle Workshop.

This artist, who brings current Canadian sensibility to this show, creates works which exhibit the international nature of today's sculpture.
Thumbnail Shaun Cassidy, b. 1968, England, received his M.V.A. at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, in 1991.

In 1995, he taught at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Marseilles, France, and presently resides and teaches in Kansas City.

His recent exhibitions include Museum of Contemporary Arts, Marseilles, France; 6 Sculptors/Triangle, Gallery 110, Greene, New York; Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York; Convergence VII, Providence, Rhode Island; and the Philip Berman Workshop in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Cassidy's work combines a unique formal sense with a sophisticated expressionist attitude. A disrespectful pop-culture edge is used to enliven strong variations of texture and meaning. He uses many strategies and materials in his work (found objects) "to expand upon the classical relationship of sculptural objects to plinor or pedestal...Cassidy's large scale constructions mime to mine the territory established between stage and audience."

His awards include a Vermont Arts Council Development grant, a Graduate Teaching Assistantship and an Alberta Art Foundation Scholarship. He has participated in numerous workshops including Triangle Artist Workshop, Marseilles, France; Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, Maine; and the Philip and Muriel Berman Workshop, Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Peter Dudek, b. 1952, Adams, Massachusetts, received his MA from Hunter College in 1982.

At present, he is a sculpture instructor at both Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He was also a sculpture instructor in the Bennington July Program in Vermont.

His works include cement, steel and painted wood. Mr. Dudek also uses common materials...his standing curved forms are serene. Made of layers of corrugated cardboard and plastic, metal sheets, and packing blankets, his sculpture partition space, inviting the viewer to step closer. - Charlet Davenport, (Art New England).

Awards include the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Fellowship, 1992; a residency at Centrum Rzezley Polskiej, Oronsko, Poland, 1990, and an Artist-in-Residence, Nethers Colony, Woodville, VA.

Selected exhibitions include Patrick Gallery, NYC; 450 Broadway Gallery, NYC; Sculpture Fest, Woodstock Vermont; The Concrete Voice, Leubsdorf Gallery, NYC; and Images of the Cities, 1993, Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL.
Thumbnail Jon Isherwood,
born in England, and now residing in Hudson, NY, made his first impact on the Plattsburgh campus when he was a distinguished visiting Professor in 1994. He began his visit with lectures, workshops, critiques and demonstrations, and ended with an exhibition of his works in the Burke Gallery; October 21, through November 20, 1994. He also left with a plan and a promise for a monumental sculpture installation.

That promise was realized when, in 1995, the sculpture Knowledge, Innocence and Growth, a very appropriate title for an educational institution, was erected between Rugar and Broad Streets. The sculpture is the result of a unique, creative and educational collaborative effort of students, faculty, and museum staff on the Plattsburgh campus.

Isherwood has been a constant inspiration to the students at this college and continues to show his support to the arts on our campus by his participation in the Sculpture Terrace Installation. Isherwood's exhibitions also include Art/Omi, Institutional Sculpture Exhibition, Ghent, NY; Outdoor Sculpture, City of Stanford, CT; and Grounds for Sculpture, Outdoor Sculpture from the Philip and Muriel Berman Collection.

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