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17. Self Portrait, graphite 11"x 14"

18. Becoming, graphite 11" x 14"

19. Unforeseen Thought, graphite 11" x 14"

20. Small Intentions, graphite 11" x 14"

21. Puddles, graphite 11" x 14"

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Amanda Mavis Agnew
Amber Friot
Amelia Lee
Amy Sanger
Andrew LaFontaine
Andrew Watson
Angela Waye
Ann Schwed
Anne Kelly
Beth Barnes
Caroline Johr
Christopher Slifka
Daniel Lindsey
Elizabeth Wilde
George Primeau
Jacqueline Baker
James Juron
James Ryan
Jennifer Chapin
Jennifer Trudeau
Jennifer Vehaba
Jessica Himmel
Julia Herrmann
Karl Haglund
Kathleen Barr
Kimberly Hilton
Kimberly LeClaire
Leah Puckett
Leanna Welch
Lorraine DeLaney
Melanie Finlayson
Michael Shanley
Michelle Januzzi
Michelle Travis
Monique Ford
Natalie Gaines
Nick Gaudreau
Nicolette DuBrey
Pat Myers
Piper Richards
Ryan Bremser
Ryan Cohen
Sandra Desantis
Scott Wild
Stephanie Smith
Suzanne Thompson
Tim Goodrich
Tina LaMour
Zachary Yarosz
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The Plattsburgh State Art Museum, State University of New York, was created in the summer of 1989 by President Charles O. Warren and the College Council. The museum is a result of a long tradition of visual art presentations on campus, which began in the normal school of Principal Hawkins and developed with the Burke Gallery, Rockwell Kent Gallery, Winkel Sculpture Court, Slatkin Glass Collection Study Room and the Sculpture Park. The Museum is comprised of over 4,500 works of art, representing numerous regions of the world, from the ancient to the contemporary. These facilities produce over twenty-five exhibitions a year of both a national and regional nature. Expanding upon the pluralistic ideal of Andre Malreaux's concept of a "Museum Without Walls," the Plattsburgh State Art Museum has become an open visual art resource for the College and the Champlain Valley/Adirondack Region.

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