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Show Number Artist Name Title Media

1. Agnew, Amanda Pyramids ceramic

2. Agnew, Amanda E. Profile b/w photograph

3. Agnew, Amanda Veined Leaf b/w photograph

4. Agnew, Amanda Sunflower Stem b/w photograph

5. Agnew, Amanda Sunflower b/w photograph

6. Bader, Jessica Nude Model colored pencil

7. Bader, Jessica Brother and Sister colored pencil

8. Bader, Jessica Plant b/w photograph

9. Bader, Jessica Untitled mixed

10. Bader, Jessica Untitled pencil

11. Barry, David The play’s the thing… oil paint

12. Barry, David Setting oil paint

13. Barry, David Self-Portrait oil pastel

14. Barry, David Vision steel sculpture

15. Barry, David You’re Never On Top bronze sculpture

16. Belair, Jill Iron Man wood/metal sculpture

17. Bollio-Halliday, Jeannie Who Stole My Innocence?oil

18. Bollio-Halliday, Jeannie One More Chance… oil

19. Bollio-Halliday, Jeannie Shelving Rock oil

20. Bollio-Halliday, Jeannie I Wanted the Pink Dress oil

21. Bowman, Jamie Portrait of Craig oil

22. Bowman, Jamie Untitled oil

23. Butchino, Dwayne Jessica Conte’ (red)

24. Chimeri, Rob Portrait pencil

25. Chimeri, Rob Seated Figure pencil

26. Chimeri, Rob Mushroom Landscape oil

27. DeLaney, Lorraine Self-Portrait pastel on paper

28. Delano, Dean Untitled oil on canvas

29. Delano, Dean Untitled oil on canvas

30. Delano, Dean Untitled oil on canvas

31. Endres, William Jr. Revolution of Shapes bronze sculpture

32. Endres, William Jr. Still Life With Masks pencil on arch paper

33. Eubanks, Brandie Jude oil on canvas

34. Farrell, Meaghan Self-Portrait oil on canvas

35. Farrell, Meaghan Starring Artist b/w photograph

36. Farrell, Meaghan Photomontage of Josh: Tribute to Hockney photograph

37. Finlayson, Melanie Untitled plaster

38. Ford, Monique Summer Breeze oil pastel

39. Ford, Monique Lovely Liz photograph

40. Ford, Monique Serenity photograph

41. Ford, Monique Humble Home photograph

42. Foster, Carrie Untitled oil

43. Foster, Carrie Untitled oil

44. Foster, Carrie Untitled oil

45. Gaines, Natalie Face of Plane plaster sculpture

46. Gardner, Emily Untitled intalgio/linoleum cut

47. Gardner, Emily Untitled linoleum cut

48. Graff, Joseph Port Kent Train Station b/w photograph

49. Graff, Joseph Oneonta Bird b/w photograph

50. Graff, Joseph Remains of a Heyday b/w photograph

51. Guglin, Libby Kung Fu Master b/w photograph

52. Hardy, Sarah Slayerboy plaster

53. Hardy, Sarah Why do you follow me lady? bronze

54. Januzzi, Michelle Rouses Point, NY b/w photograph

55. Januzzi, Michelle Road to Chena b/w photograph

56. Januzzi, Michelle Motion b/w photograph

57. Januzzi, Michelle Beauty b/w photograph

58. Khalid, Amer Light and Dark b/w photograph

59. Khalid, Amer Untitled b/w photograph

60. Lacassie, Alejandro Cochayuyo steel, cement

61. Lacassie, Alejandro Bukra steel, bronze

62. Lacassie, Alejandro Toro steel, clay

63. Lacassie, Alejandro Cristo steel

64. Lamour, Tina Nature plaster sculpture

65. Lamour, Tina Positive/Negative graphic design

66. Lamour, Tina Scale graphic design

67. Lindsey, Daniel Why? pencil

68. Lindsey, Daniel First Day clay sculpture

69. Lindsey, Daniel Stuck pen

70. Lock, Benjamin Untitled metal, concrete

71. Lock, Benjamin Canoe b/w photograph

72. Lock, Benjamin Untitled #1 clay

73. Lock, Benjamin Vase clay

74. Lock, Benjamin Black Vase clay

75. McAuley, Ryan Natural Beauty b/w photograph

76. McAuley, Ryan Crossroads b/w photograph

77. McAuley, Ryan Nature’s Mirror b/w photograph

78. McAuley, Ryan Chrysanthemum #1 b/w photograph

79. Moles, Kristy Blinded oil on canvas

80. Moles, Kristy Ordinary oil on canvas

81. Moles, Kristy Adirondack Mystery 3-plate color etching

82. Monette, Monique Feels So Good mixed media

83. Monette, Monique Novel Tea: Portrait of Earl mixed media

84. Myers, Pat New Years with Alford oil pastel

85. Myers, Pat Untitled oil

86. O’Connell, Kathleen By Word lithography/letterpress

87. O’Connell, Kathleen Crawling in search of… etching/lithography

88. O’Connell, Kathleen Fear Passes Both Ways monotype/lithography

89. O’Connell, Kathleen Steel Book With Holes steel, rust

90. O’Connell, Kathleen Where We Find Ourselves atlas, wood, wax

91. Pendel, Jessica Lori graphite

92. Pendel, Jessica Pumpkin Carving graphite

93. Rabideau, Justin They stood second and fourth from Apollo monoprint/lithograph

94. Rabideau, Justin Monument relief

95. Rabideau, Justin Sisyphus steel, rocks, concrete

96. Rabideau, Justin Santuario steel, bronze, clay, ash

97. Rabideau, Justin One must go to mountain steel & plaster

98. Ryan, James Constance plaster & steel

99. Ryan, James Self-Portrait graphite

100. Ryan, James Untitled photography

101. Ryan, James To What End photography

102. Ryan, James Even At Time Passes photography

103. Salzman, Josh Don’t Go In The Cookie jar w/vitamins, condoms

104. Weinheimer, Danielle The Weight of Black Tears mixed media

105. Sanger, Amy Untitled photograph/slide print

106. Sanger, Amy Lily b/w photograph

107. Schiff, Karen Kiwis monoprint/relief

108. Schiff, Karen Hei Matau, Hei Tiki and Koru lino/relief & monoprint

109. Schiff, Karen Rabbi relief

110. Schulman, Samuel Mystic Mountain bronze

111. Schulman, Samuel Ancient Arc kayak, steel, fabric

112. Schulman, Samuel Broken Promise steel, plaster

113. Scrofani, Nicole Expansion photography

114. Scrofani, Nicole Essence photography

115. Scrofani, Nicole Innocent Perception photography

116. Sienkiewilz, Jessica Self-Portrait oil pastel

117. Sienkiewilz, Jessica Female Nude Body clay

118. Sienkiewilz, Jessica Self-Portrait chalk pastel

119. Sienkiewilz, Jessica Untitled red conte

120. Torrance, Jason Andrew icaruswantedtoburn acrylic, steel

121. vonHoffman, Heidi Seperation oil on canvas

122. Weinheimer, Danielle Untitled ceramic

123. Weinheimer, Danielle Painful Contemplation chicken wire/screen/wire

124. Weinheimer, Danielle Untitled water color

125. Weinheimer, Danielle Montreal Man water color

126. Weinheimer, Danielle Untitled ceramic, acrylic paint

127. Wild, Scott Morning paper

128. Wild, Scott Untitled #6 paper mache’

129. Wild, Scott Untitled #3 plaster & metal

130. Yarosz, Zachary Recycle plaster/paint/graphite

131. Yarosz, Zachary Plaster Under Bondage plaster/found objects

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