Burke Gallery

List of Works

Burke Gallery

1. Pique VI, 1997 pastel/mixed, 22"h x 30"w
2. Nosedive, 1997 pastel/mixed, 41"h x 29"d
3. Konos, 1996 pastel/mixed, 41"h x 29"d
4. Chalice I, 1996 pastel/gesso/paper, 41"h x 29"w
5. Juggler II, 1996 pastel/mixed/paper, 22"h x 30"w
6. Angler, 1998 granite/steel, 271/2"h 45"w x 9"d
7. Chalice IV, 1998 aluminum/bronze/granite, 74"h x 30"w x 24"d
8. Strange Fruit VI, 1989 wood/bronze, 85"h x 12"w x 8" d
9. Pompadour, 1997 granite/steel, 88"h x 60"w x 42"d
10. Slate Cudgel, 1998 slate/steel, 25"h x 18"w x 9"d
11. Sentinel (Tool for Alberto) 1998 granite/steel, 13.5"h x 15"w x 4"d
12. Implement XXVII (Stout Handle) 1996 granite/steel, 30"h x 48"w x 21"d
13. Juggler IV, 1998 bronze/granite, 25"h x 22"w x 8"d
14. Pique Terre VI, 1997 granite/steel, 58"h x 106"w x 50"w
15. Longhandle (Echo I), 1995 bronze, 24"h x 41"w x 8"d
16. Juggler II, 1995 granite/steel, 14"h x 21"w x 16"d

Burke Gallery stairwell landing

17. Strange Fruit III, 1989 granite/bronze, 95"h x 21"w x 16"d

Myers Lobby Gallery

18. Odalisque, 1989 granite/steel, 81"h x 98"w x 60"d
19. Atlas (Highroller), 1995 granite/steel, 126"h x 72"w x 42"d

East side Kehoe Aministration Building bordering Broad St.

20. Broad Reach, 1994 granite/steel/bronze, 172"h x 205"w x 128"d

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