Activities Coordination Board

The Activities Coordination Board (ACB) is part of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Student Association. ACB’s role is to plan, promote, and execute a wide variety of events that will reach a large number of students, over 6,000!

ACB is made up of 7 committees:

  • Athletics Committee

    The Athletics Committee raises awareness for all SUNY Plattsburgh sports teams. Our main goal is to increase attendance at all games in order to show support for the team players and coaches. Our tactics include energizing the campus through enthusiasm, spirit and Plattsburgh pride.

    We recently started screening a select few of away games to give students the opportunity to view the games right from campus! Additionally, we are now providing students with transportation to and from a selected away game of our choice, so they can take their support to another level, this occurs once a semester!

    The Athletics Committee is a great way for students to get involved with school spirit. It’s a great way to share, or even gain, a love and appreciation for college sports. We would love your ideas, spirit and creativity!

  •  Coffeehouse Committee

    The Coffeehouse Committee selects, promotes and hosts musicians and weekly open-mic nights, where students have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

    Previous Musicians: Pearl and the Beard and the Speedbumps

  • Entertainment Committee

    The Entertainment Committee selects, promotes and hosts entertainers such as comedians, magicians, hypnotists and two major events each year! Previous events: Hypnotist Sailesh, Dancer/Comedian Kenneth “Xclusive” Paryo and Magician John Cassid y. Major Events include Spring semester’s annual Plattsburgh’s Got Talent and Fall semester’s annual Plattsburgh’s Best Dance Crew!

  • Films Committee

    The Films committee provides students with opportunities to view movies on and off campus. Each semester, we choose three films to show on campus, which are free to all students, as well as three off campus movies at Cumberland 12, which are at discounted price for all students!

    As a member you have the ability to help select what movies the committee should host for each semester. We also help in the promotion and hosting of each film whether on or off campus.

    Join us if you are interested in voicing your opinions on movie selections!

  • Novelties Committee 

    The Novelties Committee plans fun, free and personalized events that cater to a wide variety of students! These events fall outside the scope of all other events on campus and provide students with hands on experience.

    In addition to our smaller events we host two big events; Trivia Night during the fall semester, and Scavenger Hunt during the spring semester. At these events we give out many amazing prizes to each winning team! Novelties is a great way to get involved with ACB!

  • Special Events Committee 

    The Special Events Committee devotes a majority of their time planning one main event for each semester. In the fall, we plan the Presidents’ Gala, which occurs in early December. It is a night of dancing, h’orderves and entertainment where both faculty and students come together in support of raising money for student scholarships. Themes in the recent years include Masquerade, A Night in Paris, and Roaring 20’s. From the decorations, to the food, all the way to the music we dance to, this committee is in charge of it all. In the spring, we plan the Spring Carnival, this day allows students to step away from the books to enjoy great food, games, music, novelties, and inflatable’s.

  • Trips Committee

    The Trips committee selects and chaperones low cost trips for all students. These trips range from a show on Broadway in New York City to Whale watching in Boston to paintball or pumpkin picking trips!

    Each semester we select, plan and promote 5 awesome trips at discounted prices and have active members chaperone these trips for free!

    We have a lot of fun as a committee and it is always exciting trying to figure out what trips we will do next. We always have room for more people and fresh ideas!

*Feel free to check out (and even join) different committees to find the right fit for you!*


  • Vice President for Activities: The Vice President oversees the 7 committees, updates and manages all committee budgets, and is a member on the Executive Council in order to represent ACB.
  • Student Senate Representative: This representative works as a liaison between ACB and the student senate, in order to represent ACB as a whole.
  • Committee Chairs: Chairs run committee meetings and oversee event planning, promotion, and hosting of all events put on by that committee. Additionally, chairs motivate, assist, and guide members in a direction that will allow them to learn the steps to become and remain an active member on the committee.
  • Committee Vice Chairs: Vice Chairs are appointed students-at-large by the Vice President. They assist the committee chairs in making sure all events are successful, this allows them to shadow the chairs so they can gain the necessary skills to become future chairs.
  • Committee members: Members attend weekly committee meetings, vote on a selection of items depending on what committee they are a part of, plan how events will run, use their individual skills to creatively advertise for events, and host the events they decide to bring to campus. Activities Advisor: The Advisor works with ACB to help keep things on track and to lend a hand whenever it is necessary.

If you are interested in joining an ACB committee, great! All you need to do is pick a committee, attend the meetings, and sign a contract to become an active, voting member.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Vice President for Activities or stop by the Student Association office!