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Welcome to the current list of active clubs at SUNY Plattsburgh. Click on the photos below to send the an email to a club representative. You can find a brief summary of each club by clicking on the "Switch View" icon above and right.

If you don't find what you're looking for below, the Student Association encourages you to create your own group on campus. Use the following link to learn how you can start a new group.

  • Accounting and Finance Assoc.

    The purpose of the Plattsburgh State Accounting & Finance Association is to promote the study of accounting, the exchange of ideas, and the exposure of the accounting practice through contact with speakers and the profession. They also supply information on the accounting profession and make students aware of professional opportunities. Finally, they provide tutoring services to students in need of accounting assistance at all levels.

  • African Unity Association

    The purpose of African Unity is to promote the African Heritage and cultural awareness. They aid in recruitment and enrollment of African students in an effort to ensure a heterogeneous mix in the student population while promoting, supporting, and implementing African-oriented projects. They also aim to participate in public service, enhance interactions between faculty, staff, and students and represent the needs of Africans and other non-African members on campus.

  • AKEBA (Black Student Union)

    The purpose of AKEBA Black Student Union is to make the adjustment to college life easier for the black student. They aim to promote black heritage and cultural awareness, to act as unity facto for students voice and seek to represent the needs of the black students on campus.

  • Anime Club

    Anime Club is in the pursuit of networking students that appreciate Japanese Animation and wish to partake in the culture and industry of Anime. We look to put on a Dance Cosplay style, art contests, create animation/manga, read and watch, go to cons, and create cosplay.

  • Anthropology Club

    The Anthropology Club enhances the education of its members by providing for the dissemination of a wide range of Anthropological concerns, through guest speakers, films, and extracurricular presentations of faculty research. In addition, the Anthropology Club will provide a forum for the presentation of any student papers scheduled for presentation at local, regional, or national professional conferences.

  • Biketopia

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Plattsburgh Botanical Society

    The purposes of this chapter are to allow students interested in botany to become acquainted with each other and supporting faculty, to promote interest and ideas in the field of botany, to encourage the pursuit of careers in the field of botany, and to promote community involvement and awareness of botany and biology through outreach activities.

  • Cardinal P.R.

    Cardinal P.R. is a student-run P.R. firm that is dedicated in helping students get first-hand experience in the field of Public Relations. Students enhance their understanding and knowledge of the lifestyles of a P.R. professional and work closely with their clients to make sure that their needs are fulfilled and that their clients keep their credibility and mutual understandings between themselves and their publics.

  • Cardinalette Kickline

    Plattsburgh State's Cardinalette Kickline is a high kick dance team that performs at the halftime of SUNY Plattsburgh's mens and womens basketball games. We also perform at several community service events annually including the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome and Relay for Life. Tryouts will be held toward the end of Septmeber/First week of October each year, so watch for event notifications!

  • Center for Women's Concerns

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • PSU Cheerleading

    The purpose of the SUNY Plattsburgh Cheerleading Sports club is to support the men’s and women’s basketball programs, promoting school spirit, support community service events and compete in one Cheerleading regional competition each year. For further information click here.

  • Chinese Association

    The purpose of the Chinese Association of Plattsburgh (CAP) is to help new students achieve success at SUNY Plattsburgh, to promote friendship and communication between local Chinese students and SUNY Plattsburgh students and to provide Chinese Culture which will benefit SUNY Plattsburgh students through involving them in various activities including weekly Kung Fu, Tai-Chi, and Qi-Goung practices, Ping Pong championships, art events, China Night, as well as celebrations of the Moon Festival, Chinese New Year, and other traditional events.

  • Club Canada

    The mission of Club Canada is to increase the educational values of student life, to strengthen the unity of purpose among students, faculty, and community in working toward a common goal, to broaden the understanding and working knowledge of Canada and to realize more fully the impact of Canada upon the United States and, in particular, the North Country. Email us for more information.

  • Club Caribbean

    Established in 1992, Club Caribbean strives to bring diversity and multiculturalism to the SUNY Plattsburgh campus and the surrounding community. As part of the club’s mission to showcase our culture, we invite people to participate in our events. We are proud of our culture, and we wish to encourage everyone to experience the joy it brings us. You don’t have to be from the Caribbean to love what we have to offer. As our motto states: ‘Many flames, one fire.’ Though our roots lie in different Caribbean islands and are geographically separated by the Caribbean Sea, we are one. We are united by a common history and share a similar desire for the future. We invite you to bask in this as well.

  • Club International

    The purpose of Club International is to create opportunities for the international students to experience campus life to the fullest by: making it a learning experience by organizaing events of interest to members, uniting all international students and welcoming new international students, getting students more involved in activities in an effort to share ideas and cultures, and to teach students to think and live outside the box. They work closely with International Student Services (ISS) in reaching out to international students throughout the campus.

  • Colleges Against Cancer

    Simply put, CAC is here to help eliminate cancer. They are here to celevrate life, share hope, and save lives. They use tools and their creativity to initiate and support programs of the American Cancer Society in order to find a cure. They value the use of opportunity, teamwork, progress, and honor in the search for the cure.

  • College Theatre Association

    The members of the College Theatre Association (CTA), are a diverse theatre group composed of a variety of students. The members of the CTA have numerous theatrical interests and a given chance to gain hands-on experience. The CTA also teaches students important theatrical etiquettes and performance skills that are valuable and applicable to any field that the student wishes to pursue after graduation.

  • PSU Dance Corps

    Our main focus will be on the technique of dance. Dance Corps will provide a variety of dance types for the students of SUNY Plattbsurgh. Its choreographers will be open to new types of dance suggested by the students. Each member will learn dance routines from experienced dancers. Dance Corps will also provide a beginners class for those who have never been able to participate in a previous dance class. Dance Corps’ goal will be to put on an end of the semester performance to showcase what the members have learned throughout the semester.

  • Earth and Env. Science Club

    The purpose of this chapter are to afford an opportunity for students to become better acquainted with the earth and environmental facility of Plattsburgh, to give the opportunity for students to become better associated with each other, to educate the public, especially surrounding schools about the importance and the wonders of earth and environmental science and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern earth and environmental scientist.

  • Economics Club

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • El Pueblo

    The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in the history, the language, and the culture of the Latino people, promote bicultural consciousness of Latino students, foster a closer relationship between American and Latino cultures, and to afford the membership an opportunity outside the classroom to develop a command of the spoken Spanish language. We, El Pueblo, Latino Student Union, aspire to educate diversity among the student population through cultural programs, which will occur throughout the academic year.

  • Environmental Action Committee

    As an environmental activits group, the Environmental Action Committee (EAC) is dedicated to creating and matinating a sustainable and “green” campus environment here at SUNY Plattsburgh. Further, the group focuses on implementing methods and techniques that promote environmentally conscious living as well as attempting to educate the students, faculty and local residents of the Plattsburgh community about minimizing their impact on the earth.

  • Equipe Capoeira Brasileira

    The purpose of the Equipe Capoeira Brasileira group at SUNY Plattsburgh is to inform and teach students about the history of African/Brazilian martial art, the rhythmic heart of the art, acrobat dancing, and the path of self knowledge and mastery.

  • Plattsburgh State Fishing Team

    The primary purpose of the club is to encourage camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and development of skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers by competing with other schools in FLW Naitonal Guard College Fishing tournaments and other fishing tournaments on a local and regional basis. They also promote the interst of outdoor activities in today’s youth. The club participates in learning sessions and activities in which they contribute to making a difference to local fisheries, by cleaning up resources and helping to reduce the amount of waste from recreational activities by mans of education and involvement. The club also hosts regular outings for students to go fishing and learn new techniques and enjoy the outdoors.

  • The Food Group

    Sustainable, healthy, and natural food is what we stand for. This group is geared specificially towards food activism that will raise overall awareness of our food, where it comes from, and where it goes. We intend to promote socio-cultural and environmental sustainability, as well as a greater sense of community, through various forms of education and civic engagement including community gardens, food wastage and recycling initiatives, and hosting communal food events promoting healthy and sustainable consumer habits.

  • Fuerza

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Galilean Society

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Global Supply Chain Mgmt Club

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Hillel

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • History Association

    The purpose of the History Club (History Association) is to proliferate historical studies in and around the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. The History Club does this through regular meetings, organizing trips to regional historic sites and museums, bringing speakers, historical films, and other events on campus.

  • Hospitality Management Club

    The purpose of the Hospitality Management Club (HMC) is to aid in recruitment, retention, and support of the HRTM students, to create opportunites that enrich HRTM student life and promote camaraderie, to build and maintain a working relationship between hospitality professionals and HRTM students and to prepare HRTM students for advancement within the hospitality industry.

  • Human Dev. & Family Relations

    We are a community serviced based group, who serves the community each semester through various events and activities. Some past activities include: sponsoring a blood drive on campus, the Alzheimer's Walk, Relay for Life, an Internship Panel of our HFDR seniors doing their fieldwork, donations to the food shelf, holiday cards to nursing homes, presents for the needy at Christmas, volunteering at Trinity Church for the Community Meal, and helping out with Senior Day, just to name a few. (You must be a HFDR major or minor to join)

  • IVCF

    In response to God's love, grace and truth: The purpose of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is to establish and advance at Plattsburgh State witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.

    Our vision: To permeate the campus with the gospel of Jesus Christ. To create disciples. 

    Join us: Fridays at 7:00pm in the Amnesty Room

  • Japanese Cultural Assoc.

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Jedi Dance Productions

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Korean Association

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • M.I.S. Club

    Coming soon

  • American Marketing Association

    Meetings every Tuesday at 8:00 pm in meeting room 4 in the ACC The Plattsburgh State Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association was chartered in 1979.

  • Minor Adjustments

    As the only co-ed, all-vocal group on campus, Minor Adjustments is SUNY Plattsburgh's prime source for all things A Capella. As a group, we strive to improve our musicianship, always present the best performances possible, and to have fun while doing it. With our unique takes on modern songs and our impromptu performances all around campus, don't be surprised if you happen to find us one night at the Sundowner! For more information check us out on the web at

  • SUNY Plattsburgh Model UN Club

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Club al-Arabiyaa

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • Newman Association

    We are a student club that strives to learn more in our journey of faith while stimulating ‘action for change’ in order to positively impact society. Together we promote strong character, a spirit of service, and genuine friendships

  • No More!

    The mission of No More! is to create a campus and community free of violence by increasing male participation in ending sexual and relationship violence. The vision of No More! is to create a campus community free of sexual and relationship violence through role modeling, programming, demonstrations, and any other activities necessary to support the mission and belief system of the club.


    Mission and bio coming soon

  • ONE

    The primary purpose of ONE is to help students and faculty to raise their voices as one against the crisis of HIV?AIDS and extreme poverty (both domestic and foreign) in an attempt to influence political officials and their decisions on important issues/legislation around the world. SUNY Plattsburgh’s ONE campaign will be in collaboration with the ONE campaign and Bread for the World, as well as other partner organizations. The majority of the funds raised by the organization will be donated to National Partners, with only a small portion being kept to defray operating costs.

  • Operation Smile

    Coming soon

  • Outing Club

    It is the goal of the Outing Club to familiarize the student body of SUNY Plattsburgh with outdoor recreational activities and outdoor culture. The club will provide opportunities for the student body to take part in outdoor related activities as well as opportunities for outdoor leadership experience. The club will regularly bring students together at weekly meetings who are interested in outdoor activities, provide a venue for learning outdoor skills and techniques as well as outdoor leadership and safety, and supply access to outdoor equipment, and transportation for activities.

  • O.W.E

    The purpose of the Organization of Women of Ethnicity (OWE) is to promote self-esteem, unity, and cultural awareness among women who are of a diverse ethnic background at SUNY Plattsburgh. It will attempt to improve better cultural activities and strengthen relationships among women of color and others on campus and in the community. This organization will address issues mainly focused on women of color. We will also try to provide solutions, discussions, and reasoning of relevant issues. It will enable members to learn from each other experiences concerning issues that pertain to them. The OWE will provide members with the opportunity to relate their knowledge on various topics to their peers and will strive to enlighten our members and help them to destroy barriers that exist among women of all ethnic backgrounds.

  • Photography Club

    Coming soon

  • Physics Club

    Coming soon

  • PAVA

    Coming soon

  • Pre Med Association

    The Pre Med Association strives to unite students that are on the path to practicing medicine. During meetings we discuss current events in the field of medicine and the ethics surrounding them, in addition to providing students with opportunities to volunteer in their community, prepare for entrance exams and strengthen themselves as an applicant for medical school. The club will enrich the knowledge base of a pre-med student through having guest doctors appear for Q &A sessions and trips to medical schools. Our hope is to form a network within the community of students on campus interested in the medical field, in order to form study groups for classes and provide support in their educational endeavors.


    Coming soon

  • Rotoract

    Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Our Rotaract club is university based, sponsored by the local Rotary club of Plattsburgh. This makes us a true "partner in service" and a key member of the family of Rotary.

  • Women's Rugby

    The Women's Rugby Club is a member of the NYS Rugby Conference. During the fall, they participate in NYS Rugby Conference league games. The spring schedule is made up of either scrimmages or tournaments. For further information click here.

  • Men’s Rugby

    The Men's Rugby Club is a member of the NYS Rugby Conference. During the fall, they participate in NYS Rugby Conference league games. The spring schedule is made up of either scrimmages or tournaments. For further information click here.

  • Enactus

    The purpose of Enactus is to provide college students the best pportunity and solid foundation to make a difference in the working world, as well as provide small-scale entrepreneur skills on and off campus. In addition, leadership, teamwork and communication skills would be developed and further nurtured, through learning, practicing and teaching of the principles of Free Enterprise to our community.


    Student Nurses Association of Plattsburgh State (SNAPS) aims to encourage in students an analytic interest in the study of the nursing program, to promote the educational and ethical standards of professional nursing, to disseminate information on areas of professional nursing, and to develop leadership and professional attitudes within the members of this organization.

  • Student Social Work Association

    The Social Work Association is established as a means by which the students and faculty of SUNY Plattsburgh may increase their awareness of the meaning and function of Social Work/ Human Service organizations in the community and society as a whole. The purpose of the organization is to act as a supportive and coordinateing entity for those individuals who are interested in Social Work/ Human Services, to provide informal opportunities for students to relate to faculty and community members who have expertise in the field and through education and socializing, the Social Work Association shall be responsible for initiating programs and projects which will contribute to the understanding of and involvement in Social Work/ Human Service.

  • Sociology/Criminal Justice Club

    Mission and bio coming soon

  • S.O.U.L

    The Sexual Orientation Ubiquity League (SOUL) is the campus Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) visibility and activism organization. SOUL is involved with (but not limited to) coming out and pride, politics and activism, gender diversity awareness, LGBTQ youth issues, HUV/ADIS education, safe and responsible sex information and supplies, anti-violence campaigns, and community involvement.

  • Stock Market Club

    The purpose of the Plattsburgh State Stock Market Organization is fourfold: to promote the study of finance, the exchange of ideas and the exposure of the finance practice through contact with speakers in the profession; to expose future/current investors to real scenarios with the use of stock market simulators; to provide guidance for future investors for opening brokerage accounts including online brokerages; to give members the experience of dealing/ interacting with finance professionals. Email us at for more information.

  • Student Dietetics Club

    The purpose of the Plattsburgh State Student Dietetic Association is to promote student involvement in nutrition awareness and action throughout the campus and community and to promote and stimulate interest in the profession of dietetics on campus and throughout the community through guest speakers, food drives, findraising events, publication of campus newsletters and community service activities.

  • The Uke-A-Dooks

    Coming soon

  • WQKE

    Our mission is to provide entertainment and information geared for the students at SUNY Plattsburgh, reflecting their tastes for new and exciting music not to be found in formulaic commercial radio. We are here to be a part of the college and of the student’s lives, as well as providing instruction and training to future DJs who one day will enter and eventually shape the world of commercial media.

  • Zombie Defense League

    Coming soon