Where does my SA fee go?

Services the SA offers student:

  • Vacation Buses -

    The SA coordinates vacation buses during the breaks in the academic year (Columbus Day Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break). Depending on student demand, the SA will have 2-4 buses for various locations at a discounted price for students (cheaper than Greyhound or Amtrak options). Tickets will be on sale at the Angell College Center desk. The SA will publicize buses two weeks in advance of the vacation breaks.

  • SA Shuttle -

    The SA Shuttle is offered for students so that students have a way to travel around Plattsburgh.

    The SA Shuttle transports students from the Angell College Center to four stops in the western part of Plattsburgh. The shuttle route takes approximately 30 minutes during optimal road and weather conditions. Two vans operate on Thursday, Friday, and Satruday between 2pm and 7pm departing from the ACC every 15 minutes.


    • Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 9:30pm
    • Friday – Saturday: 11am – 12am (Midnight)

    For safety and efficiency reasons the SA Shuttle will not make additional stops on or off campus, so please plan accordingly. The SA Shuttle operates on a FIXED route making four stops in the community and departs the Angell College Center every 30 minutes based upon the Schedule below. Students must inform the driver of their desire to be dropped off before the shuttle departs from the Angell College Center.

    Please Note:

    • Departure time is approximate due to traffic and weather conditions so arrive early.
    • The SA Shuttle is on a fixed route. Please plan accordingly and do not ask the driver to deviate from that route.
    • Only SA members with a SUNY Plattsburgh ID may ride the shuttle.
    • Be prepared to present your ID card if requested by the Shuttle Driver.


    Starting Off: Angell College Center (Arrives/Departs on the hour and 30 minutes past the hour)

    • Stop 1: Champlain Center Mall - Target (Arrives/Departs 10 and 40 minutes past the hour)
    • Stop 2: Price Chopper (Arrives/Departs 15 and 45 minutes past the hour)
    • Stop 3: Wal-Mart - Market Side (Arrives/Departs 20 and 50 minutes past the hour)
    • Stop 4: Rite-Aid (Arrives/Departs 25 and 55 minutes past the hour)

    The shuttle is a service of the Student Association and operated by College Auxiliary Services. The SA official in charge of coordinating the service is the Vice President for Student Affairs.

  • 5 hour Pre-Licensing Course- This course is needed in order to attain your driver’s license. A permit is required to take this course. Sign up in the SA office.
  • Defensive Driving Course- Discounted vouchers are limited so pick up a voucher in the SA office today! Book your lesson through: http://www.nnyda.com/
  • Revolving Loan -

    The SA offers a loan program for students who find themselves in need of emergency money. Students can take out a loan for up to $150. The loan must be repaid within 3 weeks of the date when it was taken out. Students must apply for the loan in the Student Association Office.

    If the student does not pay back the loan on time, an additional $1 per day late, charge will accrue on top of the original amount take out, until the additional charges total $10; after which a hold will be placed on the student’s account with the registrar.

  • Free Legal Consultation - Students have the opportunity to meet with an attorney, at no extra cost to them, for consultation purposes. Students may meet with the attorney to discuss housing leases for off-campus housing, or other situations, which affect their life as students at SUNY Plattsburgh. Students will be scheduled at a mutually acceptable time to meet with the lawyer. The attorney cannot represent the student in court; the visit is limited to a consultation basis. Students must fill out paperwork to meet with the attorney, in the Student Association office.
  • Burlington Shuttle- Get a ride anytime of the year to the Burlington Airport for a discounted price, just visit: http://vermonttourandcharter.com/suny
  • Ski rentals- Rent ski and snowboarding equipment at a discounted rate. Pick up a voucher from the SA office for either Maui North or Viking Ski and Cycle.

SA Activities

  • Alternative Breaks -

    The Student Association helps fund the Alternative Break program, which is coordinated through the Center for Student Involvement. For more information regarding the Alternative Break program, please visit the Plattsburgh web page for Alternative Breaks.

  • Clubs and Organizations -

    The Student Association funds over 90 clubs and organizations. Each club adheres to Student Association guidelines, and provides students with a variety of events on a daily basis. Clubs range from Academic, Cultural, Media, Recreational, Religious, Service, Social Movement, and Sports. Students are able to join any club of their choosing, without restriction. If you are interested in starting your own organization or have any questions or concerns, contact the Student Association office.

  • Presidents' Gala -

    The Activities Coordination Board’s Special Events Committee coordinates the annual President’s Gala – an event in honor of the Presidents’ of the College and Student Association, towards the end of each calendar year. Tickets are priced by the committee and sold through the Angell College Center desk. All ticket revenue is utilized for student scholarships for the following calendar year. Each Presidents’ Gala is themed, and includes live entertainment and catering by Chartwells, the campus dining service. The Gala is a semi-formal dance and banquet in honor of the two presidents.

Do I have to pay my SA fee?

While the services listed above, and more, all stem from your small, annual contribution, we realize that these services are primarily geared towards on-campus and traditional students. In order to better support non-traditional students, families who are attending SUNY Plattsburgh, commuters, and student teachers who cannot fully take advantage of these services, we offer a Student Association Partial Fee Refund Form.

In certain circumstances, partial refunds may be requested from the Student Association, located in the Angell College center. Refund requests must be made within 20 days of the first day of the semester. The SA fee applies to all matriculated Plattsburgh students in the fall and spring. For the summer sessions, this fee applies to both matriculated and non-matriculated Plattsburgh students at 80% of the standard rate. For more information, please contact Melanie Wyand at 518-564-3200 or email wyandmw@plattsburgh.edu. The form linked below will be required to complete this process.

Student Association Fee Partial Refund Form