Being part of the Quake not only is a great way to get yourself on the radio but it also helps you become part of a department of a radio station. Being a part of the General Staff of the Quake, you are required to join one of the five departments. Each department is run by the E-board member who heads that department. Each department has different responsibilites and are all loads of fun.


The music department is a very crucial department at this station. One of the main goals and purpose of the music department is to bring in new music. Record labels and self-employed musicians send music to our station and the music department will add it to the bin of cds that need to be reviewed. Every week the music director will have a meeting with their department and each memeber of the department will choose a cd they will take home and have one week to review. When they return, the Music Director will ask for feedback. If the music is good (and of course FCC regulated) then it gets added to the list of music to be put onto our automation software to be put on-air! If you'd like to join the Music Department, contact the current Music Director to see when their meeting time is right after the WQKE general meeting in the WQKE lounge.


The sports department works with many SUNY Plattsburgh sports teams to bring exciting sports content to The Quake's airwaves! The sports department often commentates over the air for Men and Women's hockey, basketball, baseball and softball. As a member of this department, you could be doing anything from hosting a sports talk show to helping with play-by-play announcing. Making sure the equipment is set up before each game is also an integeral role of a sports department member. Members learn how to use the equipment as well. If you'd like to join the Sports Department contact the current Sports Director to see when their meetings are right after the general staff meetings.


The news department makes sure the station has the most up to date news to be read over-the-air. As a member of the department, you ensure the news binder is updated every morning. You may also collaborate with the sports department for news and/or coverage of games. If you'd like to join the News Department. Department meetings are Mondays at 1PM in the the WQKE Lounge.


Welcome to the WQKE Production Department! We make any spots, public service announcements, and intros for shows that go on air! If you want to work with Adobe Audition, write scripts, or voice spots come to meetings in the WQKE Lounge.


The productions department is responsible for all on-air promos, station I.D.s and other audio. In productions you will be making promos and tags which promote either a show for a Quake DJ, for another club on-campus or even a local area business. If you'd like to join the Productions Department. Department meetings are Mondays at 11:30AM in WQKE Lounge.

Community Service

The Community Service Department here at WQKE The Quake! has a different focus each semester. During the Fall Semester we host our annual event Starvathon where we collect canned goods and non-perishable food items to donate to feed local families. All donations are brought to Plattsburgh's Interfaith Food Shelf, which feeds nearly 60 families a month. Starvathon is a 12 hour event with plenty of music, games, and activities such as Pie a DJ as incentives for students to donate. In the Spring the department focuses on Relay For Life. This year we will be continuing to knit hats and headbands for purchase. All proceeds will go to Relay For Life which is an organization that helps fight against cancer. The Community Service Department also participates in other philanthropic opportunities on campus when not participating or preparing for our own events. Meetings on Thursdays at 3:30PM in the Quake Lounge.